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Women’s Health Program

Women’s Health Physical Therapy Program

Women’s Health Rehabilitation at Touch of Life Physical Therapy is developed to address conditions and issues that affect women. These include but not limited: Pelvic pain, Uneven pelvis, hip and spine, Sacroiliac joint pain, Lower back pain and stiffness, Prenatal and postpartum, Usculoskeletal condition, Groin and hip joint pain, Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia, Discomfort and poor condition in abdomen and trunk

How the treatment program make the condition better?

Lots of disease and pain have strong relationship with your muscle, body balance and joint alignment. Your physical therapy doctor will check and find out the source of your pain and discomfort. It consists of history taking, joint range test, muscle strength test, palpation, and functional movement test.

Our physical therapy doctor specializes in manual physical therapy. It is the most sophisticated treatment techniques to treat joint/ muscle pain and myofascial restriction.

Myo means muscle and Fascia is the wrap surrounding muscle/tendon/organs. Each muscle is a separate unit with other muscles but fascia is one unit connecting the entire body. If Myofascial system has restriction, it creates tension in your body with pulling, pushing, distorting forces resulting in body imbalance and lots of discomfort and pain. Highly skilled specialist can sense the restricted spot and release the tension to restore body balance.

Once you have body imbalance with pain, it means your main muscles to support your joint is not working properly. Skilled practitioner can also find out these muscles and reactivate it with functional test and manual therapy with/ without various treatment tools.

Before or during pregnancy, you can also take advantage of the treatment program. You can make your body more flexible and stronger to prepare your pregnancy with proper exercise program and hands on treatment. During the pregnancy, PT doctor will treat you in the most comfortable position with some modified techniques and exercises.