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Vibracussor Therapy

What is Vibracussor Percussion Therapy?

The Vibracussor delivers impulses deep into the tissues of the target area, helping break up myofascial restrictions (scar tissue) while also improving circulation and healing.

Fascia is a specialized structure surrounding the muscles, nerves and organs of your body. Injuries, deep wounds, and stress can tighten this tissue, restraining movement,  nerves, and blood flow. When applied, the device loosens the tissue, helping to restore your body’s range of motion.

The device can even benefit the overall nervous system. Muscles and connective tissue can tighten within the spinal and neck area, disrupting the nervous system communication. With proper technique, the VibraCussor loosens these restrictions, allowing your body to resume proper function- heart, breathing, and other reflexes.

Some areas such as the lymph system control your immune system and can become swollen or irritated, especially against allergies. Targeting these areas with the VibraCussor can alleviate the pressure, and help your body’s immune system function properly.