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Spine & Disc Treatment Program

The most common types of spine disease:

Herniated disc in low back or neck (Including Radiating pain to legs, or arms)

Muscle and ligament Strain/Sprain/Spasm in back or neck
(e.g. Slept wrong and couldn’t turn your neck)

Facet Joint Pain with Movement
(Facet is the joint connecting each vertebra. When the joint is locked, it does not allow the movement with increased sharp pain)

Spondylolysis/ Spondylolisthesis
(Fracture between two vertebrae, Usually happens with bending backward movement)

Stenosis (Decreased space for spinal cord within your spine)


Best Non-Surgical Treatment Options:

Manual Therapy for Releasing muscle tension and joint compression

​Disc – Specialized Exercise Program (Mckenzie Exercise Program)

​Core Stabilization Exercise Program

​Habitual Modification Program
(e.g. Modification for Ergonomics, Sitting or Standing posture, imbalanced body pattern)

Mckenzie Exercise Program

The benefit of Manual Therapy for Spine & Disc Pathology

Release tight tissues compressing your spine and nerve
Deep tissue release has a significant effect in reducing tension in your spine.

Powerful pain relief effect
Acute/Chronic pain can be either reduced or abolished by Myofascia Release. This can truly change people’s lives.

Activate receptors in your muscles and joint
Manual therapy stimulates receptors in muscles and joint. This can improve connection between injured body part and brain (This is very important in restoring your function)

Your body will change faster while doing exercise program
Due to activated muscles and reduced pain level, patients demonstrate better performance in exercise program.

Pelvis-Spine Exercise Program