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Conveniently located next to the Lexington 59th street station, Touch Of Life Physical Therapy is offering Orthopedic, Spine, Sports & Post Surgical Rehab Physical Therapy.

​Based on ‘one on one care’ model, we provide personalized, intimate and hands-on physical therapy treatment in a warm, well-equipped and caring environment that you need and deserve.

Our practice, straying from the high-volume and impersonal approach of other physical therapy practices, is a unique model with a patient-centered focus.

Here, you receive exceptional care delivered by our highly skilled specialist.


The name of our clinic “Touch of Life” came from the biography of “Dr. Fulford, DO” who was an inspirational osteopathy doctor. He taught natural way of treatment facilitating human body’s healing ability. I was deeply inspired by his philosophy, knowledge and manual technics which has become main foundation of my treatment.

​At Touch Of Life Physical Therapy, our goal is to help you get back to a pain free and active life in the most enjoyable, timely, and cost-effective way possible.

I started my own practice in the hope of making a best environment in which I can fully focus on patient care. It was really difficult to pay all my attention to patients in busy traditional physical therapy office setting. I was required to do multitasking – multiple patients care at the same time, documentation, directing PT assistance/aids.

Based on my previous experience, I was convinced that one-on-one care model with enough hands-on time in combination with customized exercise program is the best treatment setting for both the patient and practitioner.

I have been performing manual therapy drawned from Orthopedic Physical Therapy and traditional Osteopathy Medicine. Osteopathy philosopy has taught natural way of treatment by correcting alignment of joint and improving circulation. These correction enables human body to facilitate healing process.

Each compartment of human body is so deelply inter-related that we need to see not just one body part but biomechanics of the whole body. One of the missing part of modern medicine is not seeing the whole body mechanics even though the root cause is not just in the painful site.

Doctor Fulford Documentary