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Pelvis Restoration Program

The Importance of Pelvis Complex (Pelvis – Hip- Spine)

The pelvis is a major structure transmitting body weight from the spine to the hip joints and ground reaction force from the hip joints to the spine. If the pelvis is uneven, the spine creates curves which is called “Scoliosis”.

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The Most Common Pelvis Dysfunction with Solution

The uneven pelvis is one of the major cause of leg length difference. This imbalance gives more pressure on the shorter side of hip and back causing muscle and joint stiffness.


  • Identify the pattern of body imbalance
  • Implement the pattern modification program
  • Begin the correction exercise program – stretching and strengthening program to make pelvis and hip joints even

Sacroiliac joint (SI joint) is the connection between the spine and pelvis. Since it bears high pressure all the time, it is common having trigger points and scar tissues in the surrounding ligaments and muscles. It can be the direct cause of the pain during the movement.

If SI joint does not move smoothly due to the accumulated scar tissues, it can restrict the movement of the hip joints and spine decreasing functional abilities.


  • Apply trigger point release and SI joint adjust/mobilization techniques
  • Begin the SI joint mobility exercise and core strengthening program

If there were some injuries in the ligament or joint in the pelvis such as childbirth or fall, the pelvis can be unstable while doing strenuous activities. This instability can be a source of pain since the brain interprets it as a threat while moving the joint.


  • Progressively increase the intensity of the core exercise program
  • Use SI joint belt to increase the stability of the pelvis while doing exercise

Muscle imbalance can be a source of your pain due to an improper exercise program and lack of stretching. The most common area is the hip flexor (iliopsoas muscle group), piriformis, quadratus lumborum trigger points and scar tissues along with weak gluteus maximus and abdominal muscles.


  • Implement trigger point and scar tissue release on the target muscles
  • Begin the strengthening program for the key muscles – gluteus maximus, abdominals
  • If needed, implement habitual pattern modification program

Pelvis Correction Program

Pelvis mis-alignment usually occurs because of the uneven body pattern such as bearing weight on the one leg or turning one foot outside too much. Thus, identifying the body pattern is the first step of the correction treatment. Once knowing the pattern, the pattern correction program will be implemented to reverse it.
In the treatment session, decreasing the pain with proper techniques is the main focus at the beginning. The correction program consists of stretching, strengthening and correction exercises. These exercises will be reviewed and modified/ progressed based on the individual’s progression.