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Healing Message

Healing message from Dr. Jimmy Jo for your journey of recovery

Hi. I am Dr. Jimmy Jo, the owner of Touch of Life Physical Therapy.

I want to discuss how to facilitate your recovery and healing, and what mindset you need to prepare for the treatment. It is a journey to find your health. Through this process, you can get to know how your body works and what was limiting your optimal health.

My job is to guide you to regain physical and mental health in the most efficient way. You can improve your condition the most when you are well prepared to begin the treatment.

These are some principles you need to remember:

1. Make a firm resolution such as “I will do anything that can help my recovery with all my heart for myself and beloved wife/ husband/ friends/ parents.” Making a firm resolution is the first step you need to do. Think about your beloved people. You can help and support them 100% only when you have good health.

2. Be open-minded in the new approaches and accept any possibilities that can happen to you. If you close your mind for the new methods, instruction, and possible outcomes, it is difficult to bring good energy to you. Open your mind to new possibilities. A person with a stubborn mind limits his chance of healing on his own.

3. Take responsibility for your body’s recovery. Even though you are seeing a medical professional, keep learning about your body, and trying to improve yourself. You may receive a home exercise program and instructions to improve your condition in daily life. Continue to practice what you learned from the treatment session and improve your body’s awareness. Once you achieve your goal, you will gain confidence in your health. This is the most crucial aspect of the recovery process.

4. Be courageous in front of PAIN. Pain is not always a bad thing nor a regressing sign in your recovery. When you experience pain while moving your body, it is working as an alarm telling you that something is wrong, so do not move beyond this level (intensity of the exercise or range of your movement). Also, it indicates that there are some problems in your body, so you need to take action to resolve it. Talk to yourself, “I will not surrender to pain. It just helps bring attention back to my body so that I can take care of myself better”.

5. Don’t freak out when you experience pain or soreness after treatment or exercise. In the course of treatment, I will try to normalize your dysfunctional connective tissues (Muscle, Tendon, Fascia), which are the most common sources of pain and dysfunction. In order to promote tissue regeneration, some stimulation should be applied (Myofascial release, trigger point therapy, scar tissue breakup), after which, the local area will have a small inflammation and increase healing factors (fibroblast proliferation). In this period, you may feel some pain or discomfort for 1-3 days. This is the natural healing reaction, and the tissue will be remodeled in this period.

6. Try to relax more. The body heals better when you can relax yourself mentally and physically. In contrast, the pain gets worse if you are tensing up, which activates the sympathetic nervous system. Deep breathing and meditation are useful methods to relax through activating the parasympathetic nervous system. If you are concerned too much about your pain, your healing will be slow. If you think less, relax, and implement what you need to do, healing will come.

7. Be consistent and keep moving forward in your healing journey. Even though your progress is slow, continue to implement what you need to do and try to find the best way. If your condition is severe, it may take longer than other people, and you may not feel better until you reach a certain level. There is a concept of threshold. Until you reach a certain level, you do not feel much difference. Once you reach the limit and move beyond the threshold, you will begin to improve your condition. However, if you stop doing your job right before reaching the threshold, you will never see improvement.