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Foot Care

The Foundation of Your Body is Your Foot

Your foot is the foundation of your body. Your body begins to collapse once the muscles in your foot becomes weaker and inactive.

If the muscle group consisting of your foot arch gets weak, it does not absorb the stress while walking in mid-stance phase, resulting in poor alignment of your knee, hip and spine.

If your toe muscles are getting weak and inactive, it causes more pressure in heel and ball of your foot in walking. In addition, since the propulsion in walking relies on toes and forefoot strength and elasticity, walking speed decreases and hip muscle loses the chance to fire the maximum contraction in the end phase of weight bearing.

The Foot Problem which can be helped by us

The most common source of pain is poor muscle and tendon condition. These tissues are losing flexibility and strength due to built-up scar tissues and trigger points. Stiff and weak muscles does not support joint enough so it can cause joint, ligament pain.

Physical Therapy foot rehab program and Shockwave therapy combination are the most effective method

Arch stretching program improves muscle condition and elasticity of the foot and arch. Once muscle group is reactivated, the foot and arch can absorb the weight bearing effectively.

Stiff arch can not absorb the shock from the ground well. Flexibility exercise program is restoring natural foot pronation in mid-stance phase for even weight distribution.

After having ankle sprain, your joint will be mis-aligned and strained muscles/ ligament will make scar tissues (Tout non-functional tissues). Our program will restore this condition even better than before the injury with advanced manual therapy protocol.

Through restoring your foot, toe and arch strength and power, we can improve your whole body balance since foot is the foundation of your body absorbing the stress while walking.

Minimal to Moderate Foot deformity problem can be treated successfully with proper shoes correction, toe spreader, and muscle reactivation program

Foot Care Program Biomechanics Evaluation Muscle TestBalance and stability testProper shoes correctionTreatment

Foot Care Program

Find out muscle weakness or poor joint alignment through checking abnormal movement pattern while walking, jumping, squatting and stepping down from the box, etc

Checking the power (Strength and reaction speed) of each direction of movement. Through the muscle test, we can find the source of pain and movement dysfunction

Through the balance test, we can check the stability of each foot which is the foundation of the whole body. If your foot and ankle are unstable, the joint and muscle above (Knee, hip, spine) do not work efficiently.


  • Advanced Manual Therapy (Trigger Point Therapy, soft tissue mobilization)
  • Scar tissue release with machine (Vibracussor Therapy)
  • Myofascial Release (Improve blood circulation – Whole body approach)
  • Shockwave Therapy (Remodeling the injured tissues, improve circulation)
  • Customized Exercise Program to improve power and stability

Once the strength and flexibility has been restored, wearing proper shoes will maintain this good condition.

  • Principle 1: Toe box should be wide enough for toe movement
  • Principle 2: The bottom of the shoes should be flexible enough for foot movement
  • Principle 3: The height of the shoes should be enough for foot movement
  • Principle 4: The size of shoes should be slightly bigger than the actual foot size