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How does Myofascial Release in the abdomen relieve low back pain?

Tight muscles and fascial tissues in the abdomen increase IAP (internal abdominal pressure) which results in increased tension in the muscle groups surrounding the spine. 

In addition, Increased IAP compresses the major circulatory system (Aorta and vena cava) leading to decreased circulation. The entire body relies on this blood supply so the body condition gets worse with tight abdominal myofascial tissues and increased IAP. 

QL: quadratus lumborum

ES: erector spinae

Psoas/ iliacus: hip flexors

Psoas and iliacus muscles are the biggest muscle groups around the lumbar spine.

Psoas muscle (hip flexor) is closely located with Aorta and organs (kidney, intestines). MFR (myofascial release) around psoas muscle can increase blood circulation, activate these organs and decrease abnormal tension in the spine and hip joint. In addition, MFR in iliacus muscle can increase flexibility in hip joint and pelvis. 

Abdomen Myofascial Release Indication

1. Low back pain and spine stiffness

2. Low back stenosis 

3. Inactive and weak core muscle due to IAP and tight myofascial tissues

4. Inactive and weak hip and lower body

5. Hip joint pain and stiffness

6. Low energy level with tight body/ decreased flexibility 

7. When the local pain is not resolved with local treatment

8. Breathing difficulties and chest/abdomen tightness

9. Chronic status after having injury in any body part 

Treatment effect

1. Spine flexibility increases

2. Decompression effect in the spine 

2. Low back pain decreases

3. Sensitivity and pain in the lower body decrease (if the pain results from poor circulation)

4. Feeling more energy

5. Breathing capacity increases with activated abdomen and diaphragm muscle resulting in increased oxygen intake

Abdomen MFR is a manual technique performed by skilled medical professionals. It can be called Visceral Manipulation or Abdominal deep tissue release. It is a holistic approach restoring the body’s natural rhythm and healing abilities. Please find more information about MFR from the link below.


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