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How to check if your pelvis is uneven?

Once we get to know how Pelvis is an important component in our body, we need to know how to check whether your pelvis is in a good alignment or not.

Sign of Uneven Pelvis

1. You always find your skirt, pants or underwear is turning one side.

2. When you look at your feet in standing, one foot is always turned outward or inward more than other foot.

3. When standing randomly, your trunk faces towards left or right, not forward.

4. Wearing pattern and depth of the bottom of your shoes are quite different.

5. You start to feel unnatural walking pattern with body weight leaning towards one side leg more.

6. When you cross your leg in sitting or laying down, you always put your one side leg upon the other leg (e.g. always left leg crosses on right leg)

Self Checking

1. Standing marching with eyes closed

Keep your eyes closed
Marching in place with arms swinging alternatively
Repeat 30 times and Recheck your position
Check how far you are located from the first place
The distance from the original place indicates the amount of pelvis and hip imbalance

2. Checking the space between your trunk and arm

Stand in front of the mirror
Check the space between your trunk and arm
If you have more space in one side, the same side pelvis might be higher than the other side.

3. Standing position checking

Put your hands on the top of your pelvis each. Make your palms parallel to the ground. Compare the height difference between two hands in front of the mirror.

4. Sitting up leg checking

Lay on your back with legs straight
Slowly sit up straight with your knees straight
If you do sitting up slowly, you can see the one side leg is getting longer and even with other side leg at the last point.
That side leg is shorter leg due to pelvis backward distortion

5. Both knee vertical to the ground

Lay on your back
Life up both knees vertical to the ground
Check the height difference of both knees
Higher side is longer leg due to pelvis tilting forward

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