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How can ankle and foot injury result in neck stiffness and poor posture?

If you have difficulty in improving your posture, you need to check the strength of your ankle, foot and toes which is the foundation of human body.

Posture Exam

Foot and Posture relationship

When ankle and toes are pushing down to the ground in standing or walking, body uses the reaction force from the ground to straighten up the spine and torso.

Thus, once toes and foot muscles are losing its power, body progressively becomes slouched, losing the ability to make their posture upright against gravity.

Foot and toe weakness decrease Stability, Balance and Mobility of the body

Ankle – foot – toe weakness means the foundation of body is unstable. Foot and toe muscle reaction speed and strength play a major role in body stability.

In this condition, core muscles can not work well since the body is placed upon the unstable foundation. Once toes get stronger from the treatment and select good shoes, core muscles begin to work and trunk regains the power.

Neck stiffness has a close relationship with foot and toe weakness

This is because posture is getting more slouched with poor muscle activation in foot and toes. If head is placed forward with slouched posture, the muscles in the back of neck have to work harder to pull the head back resulting in muscle tightness and neck pain.

Why toes are getting weaker?

  1. Poor shoes – small space, tight shoes, narrow ball area, firm insole, inflexible shoes
  2. Injuries – scar tissues after muscle strain or ligament sprain
  3. Overuse with lack of stimulation/ stretching
  4. Hip external rotators (Piriformis muscle) tightness with sciatic nerve compression
  5. Myofascial tightness in the trunk

With these poor environment, muscles are being inhibited from the nervous system and get weaker and slower.

Treatment direction for posture correction and neck stiffness

We need to check ankle, foot and toe strength, reaction speed and balance for poor posture, neck stiffness or other joint issues. Through reactivating the weak foot and toe muscles, core muscles in our body will work more actively and our body will become more stable and fast.

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